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Sample Libraries

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Orbinator/Larson 'rock' sample library
The Orbinator/Larson 'rock' sample library contains over 100 drum hits (total) of varying dynamics on a four-piece drum kit, tuned to my and Taylor's liking. There are a few rimclicks included as a small bonus, as well.

Upon purchase, the buyer shall be e-mailed a download link containing a .zip file with four folders within. The folders are as follows: 'dry', 'wet', 'example', 'pics'. The 'dry' and 'wet' folders feature all of the tracks in high-quality .aif files from the sample library, uncut; we've decided to leave the user to make his/her own cuts.

The 'example' folder features the groove that I performed in this video (another high-quality .aif file). When configuring the faders to Taylor's standard (.jpg picture file included in 'pics' folder), it brings the tracks to life, resembling what is heard in the aforementioned video. Also included in the 'pics' folder is an .rtf text file of the signal chain and photo of the drums (both featured below). Here is the equipment list for the drums:

-Pearl Drums limited edition Masterworks mahogany 9x12 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom, 18x22 bass drum
-Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum, 6.5x14
-Heads: Remo coated Emperor/clear Ambassador on tom-toms, Controlled Sound/Ambassador snare-side on snare drum, clear Powerstroke 3 on bass drum batter side with double Falam slam

Signal chain

Sub Kick - TRUE Systems Precision 8
Kick - Shure SM7B into BAE 1023
Top Snare - Shure Beta 56A into BAE 1023
Bottom Snare - Shure SM98 into Chandler Abbey Road TG Channel
Tom-toms - Shure KSM 32s into Trident Series 70 PRE/EQ
Cymbals - Neumann KM184 into TRUE Systems Precision 8
Room mics - Blue Baby Bottles into TRUE Systems Precision 8

Wet samples were ran through an Alan Smart bus comp

PAYPAL AND MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED (please e-mail if interested in such an option). Thank you for your support!

Orbinator/Edgemont Drum Sample Library
Available in three different configurations: drums only ($30), cymbals only ($30), or the full package for $50. Promo video: click

-Pearl Reference Pure 16x20 bass drum, 9x12 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom
-Pearl Reference brass snare drum, 6.5x14
-Pearl maple piccolo snare drum, 4x14
-Craviotto solid ash shell snare drum, 8x14

TRX Cymbals:
-8" BRT splash
-13" BRT/DRK hi-hats
-14" MDM hi-hats
-14"/16" stack cymbal (ICON stacker/ALT china)
-16" ALT china
-18" MDM crash
-18" BRT crash
-19" MDM crash
-19" BRT crash
-19" LTD custom china
-21" DRK ride

Either configuration consists of individual .aif files for each drum or cymbal that has already been mixed and edited. All drums and cymbals have been sampled in a variety of dynamics ranging from soft to loud. All drums include alternating left/right hand hits. Snare drum samples also include flams, rimclicks, and drags. Kick drum and tom-tom samples also include flams. Crash/china/splash cymbals also include choke samples. Hi-hats include a large variety of closed, semi-open, open, choked hits and even pedal strokes and splashes.

Feel free to contact Adam with any questions:,

Programmed groove with Craviotto snare: click

Programmed groove with Pearl maple piccolo snare: click

[another] Programmed groove with the Reference brass snare: click

Orbin/Bonfini 'Projects II' sample library
Contains well over 100 hits--hard, medium, soft, and snares with and without reverb--comprised from the actual samples used on my third solo EP 'Projects II' (without Justin's further processing).

-Pearl Reference Pure 16x20 bass drum, 9x12 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom
-Pearl Reference brass snare drum, 6.5x14 (two tunings)
-Pearl maple piccolo snare drum, 4x14
-Pearl Sensitone brass snare drum, 6.5x14
-Truth Drums stainless steel snare drum, 7x14

Promo video: click

Feel free to contact Justin with any questions: